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Volunteer Positions

There are more than 100 jobs that need to be filled to run a successful meet. We need every parent to find their perfect spot and sign up to help! 

Sign up to help here.

Information on how to sign up can be found here.

Age Group Tent Parent 

Two to three are needed for each age group depending on group size. The Tent Parent works the entire meet and is needed at both home and away meets. Only tent parents may sit under the age group tent with swimmers and all tent parents must submit to a background check.

  • Keeps swimmers together in age groups
  • Gets age group swimmers to the ready bench before start of event
  • Locates swimmers who are not in ready bench order


Canopies keep our swimmers protected from the sun between races. Help is needed before and after all meets.

  • The more the merrier!
  • Need volunteers with vehicles that can haul canopies to away meets
  • Need volunteers that can help set up meets early at away meets
  • Always welcome help after the sun fades to remove canopies – Home & Away


Home meets only

  • Helps sell snacks (sno cones, candy, etc) at each home meet (Troop 103 is selling hot food)
  • Helps with set up and clean up of concession area

Data Entry

Two from each team for each half of every meet

  • Enters the LO swimmers times into team manager program
  • Sits near score table
  • Usually a great view of the pool!

Event Announcer 

Provided by Home Team – minimum of one for each half of meet. Announces individual events plus disqualifications as they occur and facilitates the meets. A great announcer keeps the meet moving so we can all go home sooner! 

Event Starter 

Provided by Home Team, minimum of one for each half of meet. Prerequisite: must attend annual League clinic for training – no prior experience necessary.

  • Determines that all lanes are properly filled with eligible swimmers for the event
  • Determines that all swimmers are in proper start position in each lane
  • Starts the event with an air horn or some other type of alarm. (Whistles are no longer allowed)
  • Determines that all swimmers properly begin the event, disqualifies swimmers who did not.
    • False Start: Swimmer ages 6 to 12 are given two chances, swimmers 13 & up are disqualified after only one false start.

Event Turner

An Event Turner is needed for home meets only and one is required for each half.

  • Changes the numbers on the event board to match the order of events
  • 2nd best view of the pool – no room for children to sit with the Event Turner

Fun Fridays 

Volunteers usually work while their swimmer practices, so help is needed during each practice time.

  • Sno-Cones – 2 minimum per practice time
    • No experience required - we'll show you how and you'll be an expert!
    • Operate the Sno-cone machine on Fridays at Practices
  • Stars – 6 adults per practice time
    • No experience required! We'll train you at the table.
    • Update swimmers’ t-shirts with stars on the sleeve to recognize their swimming accomplishments during Friday morning practices.
    • Gold stars = personal improvement in time per event.
    • Silver Stars = attendance at Meets and a Time Trial.

Home Meet Clean Up Crew: ALL FAMILIES

  • Total number of LOST families divided by number of home meets- assigned alphabetically ie.) Home meet 1 may be assigned to families with names beginning A-G
  • Take down flags, speakers; straighten tables, chairs, pick up all trash, lost and found items, put away canopies, etc.

Home Meet Setup 

Help is needed the night before home meets – Sunday PM (& Wednesday PM before Prelims or Friday PM if held at LO) For away meets the crew is needed to set up canopies at 3:30 pm

  • Be available at pool to set up for meet, string flags, wire speakers, set up chairs, canopies, etc.

Ready Bench Organizer

Home meets – one for each half of the meet

  • Coordinates with Age Group Parents to move swimmers to start position
  • Keeps the race area clear of spectators and other swimmers


Needed for all home meets & at Finals -2-3 for each half

  • Presents ribbons to swimmers at end of each race
  • Usually one volunteer reads the place earned by each lane (from timer tickets calculated at score table) while another hands the ribbon to the swimmer. Award order: any DQ (participation), followed by 6,5,4,3,2,1.


Two or three from each team are needed for each half of each meet.

  • Circles middle time on timer ticket, order from fastest to slowest by heat
  • Keeps track of score at meets

Stroke Judge 

Four from each team are needed for each half of meet. 8 TOTAL per Team. *Prerequisite: must attend annual League clinic for training – no prior experience necessary. The Stroke Judge determines if a swimmer completed an entire swim event according to league rules and judges the relay start, body position, arm stroke, leg kick, stroke order, turns and finishes. 

Ticket Runner 

Needed at all home meets & Finals – 3 for each half of the meet

  • Collects tickets from each lane and takes them to score table
  • Must collect tickets from every lane even if the lane did not have a swimmer
  • Ticket runners should be aware of what is required on each ticket, scan for errors and alert Timers/Score table.
  • Helps communication between the timers and score table (needs for water, pencils, substitutions etc)

Timers and Scribes

Twelve from each team are needed for each half of the meet as timers or scribes. (24 total per team)

  • Operates a stop watch on each swimmer in a lane
  • The Scribe records all times on a time sheet and records DQ if applicable.
  • See complete timer information here: Timer Instructions

Wash Lane Towels 

Home meets only

  • Take home, wash and return lane marker towels (1-6) used at both ends of the pool.
  • Returns them folded and in number order at the next practice
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